Lunes, Hunyo 13, 2011

This is I...

 I was really touched when my upper household leaders Kuya Danny and Ate Cristy Carpeso gave me honoring session for my 41st birthday. All my co-household leaders shared their thoughts of me as a mom,a wife and as a friend. Their impressions warmed my heart. I am happy that my friends appreciate the way i raised my kids, my relationship with my husband, my being a household leader's wife and even as a stage-mom. I felt a little pressure when all of them gave me a VS rate as a homemaker! But the pressure turned into a smile when all of them agreed that I am bubbly, friendly, the life of the party and all similar kind words. I smiled because I know that in ordinary days those words also mean talkative or noisy! When it was my hubby's turn to confirm their impressions, I was a bit excited because he seldom talks. I was teary-eyed when he told everyone that he draws strength from me, that I am tough and sturdy in my decisions but has a soft and kind heart. Everyone laughed when he said,"yes, flong talks a lot, she has never-ending stories especially when she goes somewhere without me, and I am obliged to listen until the wee hour in the morning"! Well, that's me..I always speak the abundance of my heart. My hubby and kids even call me the SPEAKER of the HOUSE! I talk a lot but I am always careful of what I say and most importantly I also know how to listen.

I am so grateful my TITA JOYCE GANDA made this FLORAL THOUGHTS page for me where i can express my self!

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