Linggo, Hunyo 19, 2011

Remembering my DAD on father's day...

It's been eight years since my dad passed away after over a year of sufferings from illness due to complications of diabetes but i remember him as if he was just with us yesterday. I miss him terribly on special days like father's day.

In his younger years, he was a strict dad. His house rules were next to impossible. He imposed corporal punishment for every mistake we committed. He was firm in his decisions that we found no room to bargain. But despite his tough personality, he was a very supportive dad and a good provider. He sent me to all conferences, encampments, fairs and all other school activities I participated since grade school. He also gave me the opportunity to enhance my talents by sending me to piano schools, dance classes and art workshops. He gave me everything I needed. When I already turned into a young lady, I realized that he was a very jealous dad. I was only allowed to go out with few chosen friends whom he knew and trusted. When I got married, I appreciated him more. He loved my hubby Ronnie. They got along great that we were always excited to be with him on weekends. He was also a spoiler Lolo. He gave everything his grandchildren like. My sons Ged and PJ loved him so much because with LOLO PEPs everything is possible; toys, clothes, shoes, Jollibee, McDonalds..say it, they had it with their Lolo. I was three months pregnant with my youngest child Jamby when dad got sick. I thought it was just an ordinary ailment until his doctor told us to seek for a second opinion from a lung specialist in Davao. We learned.then that it was a lung cancer. I saw him suffered. There were times he just wished to die because of so much pain. I felt so shattered seeing him so helpless when he used to be a strong man! We took turns in taking care of him. I saw him transformed from a strict dad to a prayerful man. He asked me to pray from time to time. One day he told me that he was already very tired and wanted to rest peacefully but I was so selfish then that I cried hard and told him to wait for my Jamby to come out. Dad loved me so much that he granted my wish, he waited for Jamby despite the pains. Jamby was 15 days old when I brought her to my dad. He was teary-eyed when he told me "she's beautiful, she looks like BUBOY", (Ronnie's nickname) and smiled. "Take care of your children the way your mom took care of you." After that, he just slept most of the time,until that cool evening of May 6, 2003, he peacefully left us.

Others may remember him as a tough man or a strict professor...but for me, he was the best dad. I will always remember him as my SUPERMAN who taught me the best lessons in life. I will always love you PAPA...I will always be your PAPA's girl...

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